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What?? Lower taxes?? But How??

Josh Roman explains it all

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We know that some of the talk recently about our tax rate has been confusing. At the latest Board of Commissioners meeting, there were fireworks when Josh Roman, Wesley Wright and Michele Dial proposed a tax rate that was lower than the rate prior to the debate on school funding. It seemed that some of our City employees, including Commissioner Richard Gonzales, couldn't understand how lowering our taxes could possibly be an option. Commissioner Gonzales even said in regard to the taxes "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", which we can only take to mean that to him, money in the city's pocket is more important than putting money in the citizens' pockets and higher taxes don't matter to him. But, does the math stand up? Will a lower tax rate lead Lakeland to ruin? We at Moving Lakeland Forward can assure you that Mr. Roman's math is correct and here is a video where Mr. Roman shows how the math works. A new high school AND lower taxes? The Lake District AND Lakeland Commons? Living in Lakeland is looking better and better! For those who said that none of this could be done...well, we will let the results speak for themselves.

Here is the video: