• Mission

    The Moving Lakeland Forward Political Action Committee (PAC) is an organization dedicated to the future of Lakeland, Tennessee. It is committed to advancing the interests of its members and the City of Lakeland by supporting candidates of local government who are advocates of:

    • Community planning and infrastructure
    • The attraction and retention of business 
    • A complete and autonomous education system 
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    For several months there has been a great deal of talk about an “effective tax rate.” People have...
    2019年9月11日 · Opinion
    Cunningham-he said “I’ll be the mayor for all!” Blame it on Bunker, he’ll take the fall! There’s...
    2019年8月21日 · In the News
    Moving Lakeland Forward is giving away a Yeti Tundra 65 cooler package that includes our awesome...
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