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Mayor I am, Mayor I am...

· Opinion

Cunningham-he said “I’ll be the mayor for all!”

Blame it on Bunker, he’ll take the fall!

There’s lots going on-you people don’t know!

Just you wait, I’ll put on a show!

It’s all in the finances, the city’s gone broke!

We waited for answers, but none he spoke.

The school-I don’t want it but I have a solution…

But I’ll do all I can to not see its fruition.

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Good news for the town! Our schools are number one!

No word from the mayor, is he out having fun?

Transparency he promised, you’ll see how it works.

I’ll show you the evil deeds done by those jerks!

Of course, nothing’s there. What have we heard?

What happened with all of the trouble he stirred?

Transparent is true, we can see through his gall…

What have we found? He’s no mayor at all.