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Commissioner's Corner

And now for a word from our Commissioner...

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Today we will hear from Commissioner Michele Dial. Mrs. Dial was voted to the Board of Commissioners in November, 2019. She has been an educator for 25 years and is in her 5th year as an Assistant Principal at Bon Lin Elementary.

As a Commissioner, it is my duty to look toward the future and make the best decisions for Lakeland as a whole. Building the high school is a crucial next step for Lakeland’s progress. It is time to bring our BEP funds, the 15cent portion of our local sales tax per student, and the Capital Improvement funds home. But, more importantly for our students is to have local representation, a smaller school where each child’s needs can be met and their faces have names, continuity in the program and a source of community pride.

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As a well-respected 30-year educator, one who is deeply rooted in what it takes to have a successful school system, I know it is imperative to make LSS whole! Our School Board, amazing administration and SuperStar teachers are all education visionaries, driven to provide a rigorous curriculum, award winning extracurriculars and instill Lion Pride in all students. Culture and climate in a school system is of the ultimate importance and with this team leading the way, I am confident that success is guaranteed and our students deserve nothing less!